Duracell D303/357PK08 Silver Oxide Electronic Watch Battery, 303/357 Size, 1.55V, 165 mAh Capacity (Case of 6)

Price: $8.99
(as of Feb 20,2018 19:15:58 UTC – Details)

Duracell silver oxide electronic watch battery. The high volumetric energy density of Duracell silver oxide button cells, and their ability to deliver this energy at relatively high current drains, makes them ideal for miniature devices where space is limited. Silver cells also have an extremely stable discharge voltage, good shelf life, and the ability to operate over a wide temperature range. 1.2V endpoint voltage. 165 mAh capacity. IEC: SR44, ANSI: 1131S0. Measures 0.457-inches diameter by 0.22-inches height.Silver oxide electronic watch battery
1.2V endpoint voltage
165 mAh capacity
IEC: SR44, ANSI: 1131S0
Measures 0.457-inches diameter by 0.22-inches height